New Price:

270 000€


Beautiful Trawler living
Hull doubled + Interior refit 2015





HOOP, a Dutch steam tug boat restored in yacht, founded its sober and cosy style 1907.

With precious woods, a stylish decoration and a full comfort, all has been thought and realized to give you the best way to travel on ocean or on waterways in a luxurious frame.

Full provided with a sophisticated technology, the HOOP will give you comfort and safety such like modern yachts and will make you navigate in high quality and serenity.

The HOOP is planned to welcome 3 couples in private party.

This steel trawler, is full equipped with a recent and professional motorization, conferring her power, security and economy during navigation.

With his real charm, the HOOP apperead in several nautical reviews, such as "Fluvial" or the “Estuarien” as well as on the front page of the daily paper "Sud-Ouest". Her style is the object of creation for artist, such as Mrs Marie-Josée Doutres's paints







A little of history...

Built in 1907 in Holland, this tug boat was propelled by a steam engine.

Hoop's job was to towed the commercial ships and the big sailboats to facilitate their harbour operations. He also went over the Polders to drag cargo boats coming by the North Sea, and assist them in their navigation in water-ways.

In 1935, the steam engine is change for a powerful diesel engine. This engine, type "Cathedral", brand "Kromhout", was still worked until 2008.

Hoop is endowed since 2008 of a new professional diesel engine very recent BAUDOUIN.



           Old engine                                               New engine

             Kromhout                                                 Baudouin


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