Name: HOOP ("Hope" for Dutch people)

Année : 1907

Type : Tug-Boat

Hull : Riveted steel

Weight: 60 Tons


Expert value CESAM


Length: 17,50 m - 53 ft

Width: 4 m

Water Draft: 1, 75 m

Air Headroom: 4,64 m (min) – 12m (max)

(The mast can be easily and manually removed by only 1 person)

Others equipments


  • Generator 10 KWA FIAT AIFO generative UNELEC 220V and 380V (weight of the group: 800kg

With the same motor spécifications was selected a leading group GROEL (choice from Orange group and French army). Compound of an engine IVECO (2,6L, 60CV) and coupled with a copper generator UNELEC, it produces 10 KWA (220 and 380V).

  • Bow electrical propulsion unit  - 380V 

  • Electrical anchor windlass - 380V, mooring line 80m (chain counter)



Autonomy: Self suffisant for 13 days long trip (1200 trpm/min

Motor type and date:

BAUDOUIN 6M26 SR P1 – October 2005 

Digital electronic dashboard

Reverser box type: Baudouin IR4 NMD

(Ratio : 1/4,6 front– 1/5,3 defers)

Dimension : l 2,40m x w 1,10m x h 1,20m

Weight: 2,8 Tonnes
6 on-line cylinders  - 15,90L
Power: 450 hp restrained to 380 hp
Regime: 650 rpm in slow motion, on 1800 rpm maximum 

Fuel tanks: 2x 850 L + 2x 1650L 

Speed :8,5 nds for 1200 rpm - 10 nds for 1500 rpm

Fuel consumption: from 10 to 15 L/H


Hoop was a Dutch tug boat conceived for the work at any times and in any conditions. For this robust strengthened and heavy steel hull, the choice of an engine Baudouin with professionals' sea specifications is the best choice. This motor equipment give to the Hoop, reliability, stamina and a minimum of maintenance.

Technological advantages of the motor Baudouin:

The 6M26 engine is classified P1. It is the highest classification, corresponding to the standard "Heavy Duty Charge": maximum load in work 24 hours a day and 7jrs / 7. It is the reference for trawlers and tug boats.

In sailing, we can estimate a life expectancy for more than 50 years.

With a full power of 450Cv, this engine was voluntarily restrained to 380CV because it is enough for the Hoop. The direct consequence is an fuel economy and a prolonged life for the mechanic. 

  • The engine blocks is composed with independants cast iron headcylinders. Maintenance is facilitate

Cylinders small size and their conception put them safed from the deformations. Control hatchs are situating both side from the engine. The maintenance is safed to take out the engine from the machine-room .

  • The turbo and the air of admission are cooled by water (intercooling).

  • The pump of cooling sea water is a pump with full bronze spinning wheel (not a rubbish turbine made in rubber).

For an easy control from the flow of the cooling water, the exit of the engine water is on the starboard beam, and the one of the reverser box is on the port beam. Circuits are independents.

  • The circuit diesel oil is fed by a pump with gearing hitched to the engine (more reliable than a pump with membrane activated by cam).

The filtration is made with two big volume filters, with possibility from by-pass in case of clogging, so avoiding the risk of engine defusing.

The fuel pipes between the injection pump and the injectors are in double envelope (no risks to stop the engine, or to have fuel in the machine room).

destinationOn the other hand, A sound alarm warns of the presence of diesel oil in this 2nd envelope in order to plan the maintenance

  • The dashboard is equipped with 2 alarms in case from drop of oil pressure: the 1st alarm indicates a low pressure but allowing to continue the navigation without damage with reduced speed; the 2nd alarm indicates an insufficient pressure to work and stop the engine to protect it. However, in case of emergency, it is possible to desactivate this automatic stop and to restart the engine.

  • The temperature of the cooling liquid is safe with two alarms: one in case of lack of cooling liquid, second one in case of temperature rise.


This engine is a classical in conception and construction (injection pumps on-line, injectors with mechanical calibration, separate headcylinders in cast iron, alternator of load separated from the battery, electric circuit 24V with isolated negative). Opposite to the new generations of fuel injection engines with common rail, this kind of engine doesn't need computer for maintenance .


The engine brand "Baudouin", is well known all around the world, to be maintained and repaired by any professional.